LUNCH 11am - 3pm daily


Hummus warm home-made pita bread and tomato salsa 11.5


Safran Sandwich roasted chicken and vegetable sandwich with saffron aioli on toasted ciabatta, served with salad and balsamic dressing 23.5


Smoked Salmon & Prawn Salad served on lettuce, avocado, tomato, olives and red onions with balsamic dressing & basil pesto aioli 24.5


Lamb Salad marinated lamb grilled and served with couscous, rocket, feta, tomato, olives, salad and roasted vegetables topped with minted yoghurt 24.5


Sliced Beef Salad with roasted vegetables, feta, tomato, olives, potatoes, cucumber, corn salsa, mesclun, aioli and balsamic dressing 25.5


Lamb Shank slow cooked lamb shank served with vegetables and potato pieces in a rich tomato ragout 24.5


Creamy Mushrooms sauteéd mushrooms with chunky potatoes and Spanish chorizo sausages in a garlic cream sauce 23.5


Chicken Fettuccine with mushrooms, chicken pieces, garlic, herbs, olive oil in creamy sauce 20.5


Roast Vegetable Lasagne layers of pasta with roasted vegetables, rich tomato ragout, creamy béchamel sauce and parmesan cheese 19.5
























Mushroom Risotto selection of mushrooms with creamy arborio rice, shaved parmesan and truffle oil 20.5


Paella the famous saffron flavoured Spanish dish, served in a hot pan with a mixture of seafood, vegetables, chicken & chorizo sausage 24.5


gluten free bread available add 1


11.30am til 4.00pm Monday to Friday


Panko Crumbed Squid served with fries, green salad and basil aioli
























Cajun Chicken served with green salad, hummus and our famous pita bread


Steak Sandwich grilled sirloin steak served on toasted ciabatta, with basil aioli, fries and green salad


Qebapa Albanian home made beef sausages served with salad, bread and fries


Greek Meatballs on sautéed potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables with a crushed tomato sauce and Greek Yoghurt


Chicken Livers in a creamy sauce served with toasted bread


Safran Beef Burger served with gherkins, capsicum, onion chilli jam (mild), cheese, aioli and fries


Chorizo Penne served with olives and capsicum in a fragrant tomato sauce with parmesan


Bolognese Fettuccine slow cooked beef ragout served with fragrant tomato sauce


Beef Lasagne layers of pasta with a rich minced beef and tomato ragout, creamy béchamel sauce and parmesan cheese


gluten free bread available add 1